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A powerful story and a changed life, Joe Jenkins is living proof that people DO CHANGE. Book him for your next event. Inquire below. #JoeSpeaks

Speaker fee: $1500 - $2500 (based on geographical area)


Travel expenses: Use the GSA per diem cost for hotel, mileage, and airfare. All proceeds of the intellectual property purchases go directly to The BRAVE Effect

FLAT FEE: $5000 based on the event venue, travel and stay. Use of this rate is to be determined by consultant.

PER PERSON FEE: $50 per person if more than 200 attendees.


HOURLY RATE: Billable hourly rate at $500/hr. Use of this rate is to be determined by consultant (considers all the hours involved in preparing and delivering a speech: the time on stage, any research, writing the presentation itself, travel time to and from the event, etc.)


DAY RATE: For this pricing model, the speaker calculates how much a day of their time is worth, and charges accordingly.

***Joe does a limited select events each year at no charge. To inquire, please leave a message in the message box on the form to the right. ***

Thanks for submitting! We will get back with you ASAP.
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