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the story behind brave


joe's story

"I was once considered one of the worst of the worst, I've done over 13 years in federal prison. If I've done it, anybody can do it. But you must apply yourself." At one time Joe Jenkins faced a life sentence in prison. He was determined to not waste his time and began planning his own re-entry. He was determined that if he ever "got out he would never go back." He did get out, and with the principles he learned during his own re-entry he created The BRAVE Effect.

At The Brave Effect our vision is to provide successful reentry in our communities.  Empowering individuals, ushering them to embrace and activate their renewed mindset and lifestyle of successfully beating the odds of recidivism. 

Successful re-entry begins before a person is ever released. Reentry begins in the mind. "The body will not go where the mind does not take it." We believe in positioning versus survival. Our program meets them where they are and helps them prepare mentally for the new freedom they will find on the outside. We instill in people belief in themselves and help chart the path to a healthy career, family life and personal development.

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