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Our Story

The Brave Effect was established to assist those who were formerly incarcerated but desires to be empowered to take hold of their destiny and reach their fullest potential. They say the measure of a society lies in how it treats its most vulnerable. At The Brave Effect, we exist to uplift and empower society's most marginalized - the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated.  Millions live behind bars daily, stripped of freedom and branded for their worst mistakes. They yearn for redemption yet remain bound in stigma and isolation. We envision a justice system rooted in rehabilitation, not retribution.

We strive to cultivate opportunities in which these individuals are freed from the shackles of their past, propelled by newfound purpose into lives of meaning; where those who have stumbled get back up and where those who have lost hope find it again in the light of opportunity. We are a lifestyle organization program that walks with our participants with one-on-one personal touch catering to their unique need to succeed and thrive in the most productive way. With a vision of people lifting each other, extending hands of forgiveness and compassion, we see the incredible reservoirs of talent, resilience, and perseverance in our returning citizens. We envision strong families and flourishing communities uplifted by these individuals' renewed sense of purpose. Our future is one where all are willing to change access to the tools and support to build the lives they aspire to - lives defined not by limitation but by possibility. 

That's why we walk alongside those in prison and reenter the community to rewrite stories of courage. Through transformational in-reach programs, we awaken purpose and possibility. Post-release, we surround individuals with mentors and resources to stabilize lives. Counseling and mental health support uncover trauma; career training builds skills; advocacy and valuable relationships expand opportunities.







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