What's Happening?

Events and Updates from Joe and the Team


>Speaking at Chattanooga State - monthly, dates and times vary message for details!

>April 30th Boys Leadership Summit

9 AM - 1 PM @ UTC 

to register: https://www.lighthousecollectivecha.org/

> September 17th- Run for Re-Entry 5k @ Blue Goose Hollow! Details to follow.

Eye of the tiger

Joe Jenkins received the Eye of the Tiger Award at Chattanooga State for 2022! "This award is presented to students for outstanding contributions to the student life of Chattanooga State and the community, or to students who have achieved academic success against seemingly insurmountable odds." (Pictured, Joe and Juan Jenkins)

In the News

"I was wrong, so wrong. Jenkins? The worst?

He's one of the best men I've met in a long time... with his new hustle: dealing hope." 

-David Cook, TFP

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