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Our Mission

The BRAVE Effect catalyzes unprecedented transformation in the lives of those marred by the justice system. The BRAVE Effect is the rising tide that lifts all ships - unlocking potential, igniting purpose, and clearing pathways so those who have stumbled can now leap. Our mission is to empower returning citizens to author the most audacious chapters of their lives. 


The BRAVE Effect envisions a future where justice-empowered individuals have the support and resources they need to successfully reintegrate into society after incarceration. We empower people to embrace their inherent worth and activate their potential to live purposeful, productive lives. Through comprehensive reentry services, mentorship, and community building, we walk alongside returning citizens as they build new lives defined not by their past mistakes but by their future possibilities. Our vision is for all people to have the chance to redeem themselves and contribute positively to their families and communities. We believe in second chances and that with the proper guidance and environment, anyone can change the trajectory of their life and create a lasting impact.


From the ceo's desk


The BRAVE Effect dreams of a world where the formerly incarcerated are empowered to take hold of their destiny and reach their full potential. We envision people freed from the shackles of their past, propelled by newfound purpose into lives of meaning, where those who have stumbled get back up and where those who have lost hope find it again in the light of opportunity. Our vision is of people lifting each other, extending hands of forgiveness and compassion. It is of lives redirected down pathways of growth and contribution. At The BRAVE Effect, we see the incredible reservoirs of talent, resilience, and perseverance in our returning citizens. We envision strong families and flourishing communities uplifted by these individuals' renewed sense of purpose. Our future is one where all are willing to change access to the tools and support to build the lives they aspire to - lives defined not by limitation but by possibility. This is the future The BRAVE Effect works to create every day.

Joe Jenkins

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