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the program

Through the Reentry Guide we begin preparing the mindset of people who are about to be released from jail or prison. Then we begin one on one coaching once the person is released. In training and mindset cultivating we remove offices and desks, forms and paperwork. This is done to make the transition as authentic as possible. Instead we meet in coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, and on walks to talk to our participants throughout the day to day challenges of life on the outside.


Prison Prevention

Joe Jenkins speaks to classes and groups in local schools from elementary age and up. He discusses the concepts of positioning their life so they can do more than survive. Joe spent 13 years in prison and is able to share his experience with the youth. The goal is to help the students understand how to make the right decisions and avoid the consequence of incarceration.



We have connections with local businesses and non-profit agencies to help participants find employment. We also work with education programs, provide work clothes and shoes, help with financial planning and mentorship.


Consultation (Non-Legal)

We help incarcerated individuals cope with the impact their charges and possible sentence will have on their lives. We can help review case details and plans for the future.

Supportive Friend


Therapy after incarceration is crucial for successful reintegration into society. Incarceration can have a significant impact on an individual's mental health, and therapy can help address these issues. We offer two free counseling sessions with a licensed mental health provider as part of our program!

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Utilizing the tools of The BRAVE Effect while incarcerated our participant, Lovest Carter, in less than 30 days of release has nailed a career opportunity in the employment of his choice with pay wages beyond his expectations! He had no idea that we were taking the load off by purchasing his work attire so that he can work his job with ease and comfortably!

This is my experience, it is the truth. I personally wanna send out a Big Thanks to the B.R.A.V.E. organization. My God continue to bless it. This is a real support team for those of us who are living through the struggle, and is willing to do right thing even when no one is looking. B.R.A.V.E. is working with me hands-on, and the results are definitely on point.........I highly recommend that you pay attention to what this organization is about as well as doing .

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