The 8 Week Program

This is the "main event." The Brave Effect kicks off with the re-entry guide written by Joe, and takes folks through a training program to prepare them for life on the outside.


Referral Partners

We believe in the notion that we are "better together." Therefore we provide folks with a plethora of referral services to help them with re-entry. These include job referrals, vouchers for clothes, financial planning, mentorship and more.


Educational Speaking

Joe Jenkins speaks to classes and groups in local schools from elementary age and up. He discusses the concepts of prison prevention and how to stay on the right track.


Consultation (Non-Legal)

Helping incarcerated individuals cope with the impact their charges and possible sentence will have on their lives.

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Utilizing the tools of The BRAVE Effect while incarcerated our participant, Lovest Carter, in less than 30 days of release has nailed a career opportunity in the employment of his choice with pay wages beyond his expectations! He had no idea that we were taking the load off by purchasing his work attire so that he can work his job with ease and comfortably!

This is my experience, it is the truth. I personally wanna send out a Big Thanks to the B.R.A.V.E. organization. My God continue to bless it. This is a real support team for those of us who are living through the struggle, and is willing to do right thing even when no one is looking. B.R.A.V.E. is working with me hands-on, and the results are definitely on point.........I highly recommend that you pay attention to what this organization is about as well as doing .