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Troy Rogers


Troy Rogers currently serves as the Public Safety Coordinator for the City of Chattanooga under Mayor Tim Kelly’s Administration.Troy also serves as a head of the Citizen Safety Coalition, a passionate group of concerned citizens who come together to create solutions for our communities most sensitive population. Troy is one of the lead speakers for the United Way fundraiser campaign.Troy studies social economics and how society has shaped certain urban areas. Social economics defined is behavior based on economics and opportunity. Troy does not feel that any kids are born bad but have had to make decisions without all the resources and exposure.When he came to the City he began to look at the “WHY” behind crime and uses a tier system that we have implemented to empower our muted census. He wants to encourage everyone to become social justice advocates which are” people who fight for those who can't fight for themselves”. Mr. Rogers has published three E books called “Social Economic Glasses,Criminal Activity in the Schools and the Poverty Brain '', these books can be found on amazon kindle. These books about the hidden tears of our population whose cries are un heard because of the mistakes they have made.Mr Rogers academic portfolio is as follows, has a BS in criminal justice and a BA in Education from the University of Chattanooga at Tennessee a Masters of Ethics and Leadership from Johnson University and a Masters of Science from Belhaven University located Jackson Mississippi. Mr. Rogers is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and Alpha honors society.

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